Landing Page Terminology


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Landing Page Terminology

I don’t think I could go a week without barking about landing pages and how wonderful they are when done right!  In this installment I’ll explain some of the terminology and why it matters to anyone – technical or not.





Breaking It Down

Here we go!  Some common terms and a visual representation!

– Above The Fold – This is the area the website visitor sees first before needing to scroll.  This area motivates the visitor to make an emotional decision to engage with your product/services.

  1. The offer – Called other things but that’s what we call it.  Give the visitor an offer so they have incentive to do something now.
  2. What is the site about?? – That’s right – it sells clothes – make sure the visitor knows that – immediately
  3. Call To Action – “Click Here” – “Shop NOW” – “Get Started” – etc.  Depending on the industry this is either a button that redirects the visitor to a form or shopping cart – OR – it’s even the first 3 lines of a form with the NEXT button to get moving now.
  4. Below the fold – the visitor has to scroll down to see this.  This – in non-eCommerce sites includes details so the visitor can justify their emotional decision to engage with your product/service with more information.  In Ecommerce sites the below the fold section needs to contain the meat of the site – sales/specials and other shopping cart stuff easily accessed.





One last thing.

For more landing page tips check out one of our videos and podcasts in our blog pages.

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