Website Design Basics Matter

When designing / developing websites basics, the most critical aspect above all else, are often missed or “shorted.” For years,
when designing websites the focus – for me – has always been the following FIRST:

  • Clean format with low turbulence
  • In most cases dark text on lighter backgrounds – it has long been believed – in marketing – that the trust factor takes a
    hit when using too many dark background/white text sections
  • No ransom notes – keep the fonts simple and very few for both performance and readability
  • Always make every page work on mobile and look really good
  • Have complete headers and footers please
  • Make it extremely easy for your visitor to contact you with a phone # on the top of your site and an easy to find form
  • Speed baby – The site should load in/around 2 seconds or less on a phone and around the same on a desktop

These are a few basics you should follow. In this little post I’m not getting on my soap box about all the other mistakes I see but
maybe later.

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