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MANAGED IT services

Our services are designed to help you manage and protect the organization you’ve worked so hard to build.

24x7 remote support

You’re covered 24×7 with our exclusive elite support contract.  Remote support only.

Network Management

Network performance monitoring and outage management.

cyber security

Cyber security

As Certified Ethical Hackers we can lock down your servers, applications, and devices and train you how to keep it secure.

disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery

Customized storage plans and audits, plus intervention support.  Contain the files and recover within minutes.


Standard and advanced reports generated automatically or on-demand

Save Time and Money. Use EngineX For Your Outsourced IT Department

Have ready access to a team of IT experts with high level technology knowledge and experience

  • Save money. Unlike with an in-house staff, you won’t have to provide us with healthcare coverage or other benefits. Plus we’re available around the clock
  • 24/7 Live Help Desk Support, to ensure your needs are quickly addressed, and you stay up and running at all times.
  • Reduce security risks and compliance issues that can cost you in legal liabilities, regulatory penalties, and your reputation.
  • Save time. We have the resources to start new IT projects instantly while it might take your team months to juggle another task.

All The Major Operating Systems

- Microsoft Windows 10 Server
- All flavors of Linux
- Legacy Unix
- OS X
- Cisco ios

Technology Covered

- VMWare
- Microsoft Hyper-V

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