Website details and seo

Website Details
Part II

The details in your website design and SEO matter a lot. The smallest details can make the difference of being found online and/or converting a visitor into a customer.  Below is a Cliff Notes version of all those pesky details you need to watch out for.

Great Content Matters

Great content is not easy or something you can pay others to do.  We create content all the time for companies but the majority of the actual “meat” comes from the customer and not us.  We just re-word it a little.

If you are a small business then you should never pay others (including us) to create content.  The expense of paying a company that is American and can actually write is very expensive.  Don’t ever contract out those $1 an article clowns unless you want to get penalized by Google.  Their creepy, bizarre, and keyword stuffed articles will bring you down instead of up.

Remember when you write an article and your goal is to get Google to recognize it as an SEO boost for – maid service – for example – you don’t need to stuff “maid service” in your article.  It’s like great fiction writing where you might write “Sally shivered as she walked outside” vs “Sally was cold…”  Same thing here – “Cleaning ovens involves … ” vs. “Our maid service does …”

Keys For Great Content:

  • Written by American based companies that are great at writing (like us) or, if you’re a small business, yourself
  • No keyword stuffing.  It’s like great fiction writing…
  • Don’t use nonsense sentences or wordiness to fatten up an article
  • 100-400 words is fine – more is ok but keep it at 100 or greater
  • You should have a blog page that holds all your articles but tied into the landing page with excerpt links.

Content has a major impact on SEO rankings over the long haul.  Don’t get excited after you write a few articles and expect any change in your rankings.  It takes about 12-24 months to really see an impact of writing a new article monthly or so.  Keep consistently writing and, especially with Google changes coming putting even more weight on content, you will dominate your rankings.

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