Stayin' Alive


In late March of 2021 EngineX began shutting down over 50% of it’s divisions and services including video / advertising production and suspending production for companies such as VISA/MASTERCARD (mutual decision).  Our focus shifted to what we did in 1991 when we where EduTech.  Network Engineering, support, and remote access (yes, they had that back then) for business.

We are starting to turn on our divisions again but we have found a new zeal for helping businesses not only adapt in today’s marketing world but to help with safety.

Meeting The COVID-19 Challenge

The New message

While for many industries advertising has changed little the rest are more likely to have a need to revamp their message-mission-branding to reflect the challenges of the times:

  • Social Distancing realities in video ads when appropriate
  • Adopting content to connect with new financial and social realities

The Market

Many industries have changed because of COVID-19 such as restaurants that are selling convenience and safety with curbside pickup and delivery vs atmosphere and “dining experience.”

Whatever the industry we have our marketing people learning and adapting at light speed to make sure that your business keeps cranking or starts cranking if you are just opening back up.

Managed IT

EngineX has always had Managed IT Services but it has become more critical for many businesses of all sizes:

  • Large institutions / companies become overwhelmed with the need to work from home and keep up on demand while maintaining security
  • Small businesses need fast remote setup with secure access without having to miss a beat

Our Managed IT Services include:

  • Remote access for employees
  • Security monitoring
  • Server management
  • Server hosting / application hosting – we can be your virtual IT department with no upfront hardware costs

EngineX has multiple data centers in the United States and The Republic of Ireland and has plenty of capacity to keep your application and data needs – small business to large corporation – up and running smoothly in turbulent times.