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Choose Your Own Adventure With Digital Agencies

Our VLOG reprise version of Choose Your Own Adventure with Billy and his lemonade stand updates the story a little bit and is told by Olivia in a warm and engaging manner.  So relax and curl up by the fireplace and enjoy how choosing the wrong digital marketing agency can affect your business!

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Choose Your Own Adventure

Some of you might remember choose your own adventure stories from the past …  Children’s books that helped teach the consequences of making just one wrong decision and how it changes the course of everything … 

Some of you might remember choose your own adventure stories from the past …  Children’s books that helped teach the consequences of making just one wrong decision and how it changes the course of everything … 

Today’s Choose Your Own Adventure is about Billy and his lemonade business.  NOW – choose your own adventure wisely.

The Story Begins

Billy is trying to grow his lemonade business and wants to dominate the neighborhood so he borrows money from his Dad and uses the rest from his yard mowing because he’s ready.  He’s ready to Win Online!

Billy knows that without an online presence he might as well have his 3 year old sister run the business because it won’t matter.  Good thing is Billy, since he’s already 11, understand how Digital Marketing can make it happen for him.   He doesn’t want to get left behind and end up un-cool and old like Mommy & Daddy.

Billy has two options:

Option I:  Choose a digital agency that has a slick talking sales girl but.. Has an ok website although it’s a little rough and hard to read and lacks a portfolio.  They also are vague and nebulous on how he will achieve success with Google but promise him he’ll be in the first page organically at the top in no time.  Billy really likes the top of page Google promise and slick girl.

Option II: Choose a digital agency that has a slick website, no pressure sales and an incredible portfolio.

Now you decide which option Billy should choose… Here we go with the results…

If you choose option one for Billy:  Billy shakes hands with the slick sales girl and puts down his deposit.  The slick girl forgot to tell him that the hosting isn’t done by them but they can set them up with GFY Hosting Inc.  GFY stands for Go ‘F’ Yourself but Billy isn’t worried because the girl promises all sorts of stuff including unlimited support!

Month 3: 2.5 months past the due date and several arguments later where GFY and Option I Agency each blamed each other the website is done… sort of.  Billy thought it would be a slick looking WordPress or Bootstrap site he read about but it looks like some sort of template wizard site a 12 year-old could create with WIX.  It’s slow, has a bunch of stock creepy photo’s of strange people serving lemonade and some guy glad handing people with a briefcase?!

Month 5: Billy’s Google Ads campaign gets clicks but nobody calls him or fills out the generic, obscure form that only says contact us for more information on it.  He’s wasting money and he doesn’t even rank on page 3 organically and is about 15th in Google Local Places under a bunch of lemonade stands and some septic tank company.

Month 7: Billy is out of business and is grounded from TV, his computer, and bike for 3 months.

IF YOU CHOOSE Option II: Billy goes with EngineX that doesn’t pressure him and does it all in-house.

Month 2: Billy’s website is so stunning, fast, and personalized to his business he shares it with his parents who, for the first time, tell him it looks like he’s growing up into a fine young Adult.

Month 3: Billy is surprised by how his business has increased 5x, his Google Ads ROI is 3 to 1, and he’s starting to rank in the first page with Google Local Places and already at the top of the 2nd page with Google Organically.  Billy is glad that EngineX didn’t over promise and set reasonable expectations.  Wow.

Month 7: Billy’s next challenge is handling expansion!

Month 12: Billy gets a cool new bike and pays his parents back!

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