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The Video & Animation Marketing Revolution Is Waiting...

…and it won’t wait much longer as your competition is beginning to catch on to the fact that websites and/or internet ads on Google Ads – for example – convert about 5x more prospects into customers when enhanced with video and animation.

The evolution of websites and digital marketing has been the focus of EngineX Digital and Saturn 9 Design and it’s been paying off big time for existing and new customers.  Businesses and Organizations on all levels – small, medium, large, medical, educationa, etc – see powerful results from our video marketing system known as G8.

EngineX has evolved into a digital marketing company that can deliver something very very few companies can…  Video & Animation at a high-end studio quality level.

In this VLOG find out how your small to large business and/or institution can get the customers you deserve.


Graphics and Stock Photo's Just Don't Cut It

Adults learn better visually.  The graphical revolution in Websites taught us that.  However, it’s 2020 as I’m writing this and the days of canned clipart and creepy stock photos are fading as the impact is no longer there.

Enter the next revolution – Video and Animation – that is… video and animation at a higher level.  No crappy fuzzy glorified YouTube slide shows or weak slideshows and afterthought animation but real production level stuff that boost your businesses image and get prospects to take action and become customers.

The 1 Megaton Landing Page

Our website landing pages reflect our philosophy of getting attention immediately and then burning in the “message” of what the site is about and why they should take action now.  Using animation and advanced video techniques they connect with the message you want to get across and are engaged.

Genesis 7 (G7) Delivers

Our G7 system for small business is more than a powerful website:

  • We get you found on the internet
  • Prospect Management system built in
  • Rich video for YouTube

With G7 you win online several ways including Google Search and your website visitors turning into customers.

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Winning Online With Our President Jim Ellis