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Give them what they want

Why did your visitor click on your website? Price? Booking? Tips? Events? You better give them what they want and make it immediately visible or they are going elsewhere.

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Give them what they want but with a clear path to becoming a customer. They should be able to easily fill out a form or call you – either way you have their information.

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Deliver Your Message

Your message or “the message” is not your missions statement. It’s “your business can be trusted to deliver a better product/service than the competition.

way you have their information.

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Smooth Flight

We call a bunch of “stuff” on the landing page “turbulence.” Keep page simple with open spaces and carefully choose a few words on the landing page. Nobody likes turbulence .


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Delivering Our Message Clearly

Deliver your message in 30 seconds

Even at EngineX with all the changes such as our massive Video Anywhere project and our major boost to animation development and our original media content team and million dollar studios in Birmingham Alabama and our …

…oh yeah …  Even at EngineX we can lose prospect with a muddled ransom note approach with our website.

The message is simple and doesn’t really change much for any business:

  • Keep the site visitors attention long enough to deliver the message that they are on the right site (for what they are searching for)
  • Can trust that you will deliver a better product or service then the competition
  • Have incentive to take action now (even if it’s just filling out a form).

The Big Four

EngineX is splitting up to Four Websites that all work together to deliver exactly what the website visitor is looking for with no confusing muddled message.

WHAT? why?

As we preach to customers you must have a focused message in the “above the fold” section of your website that instantly delivers the message that the site visitor is on the right site and can trust you to deliver.

Above The Fold – is the area that website visitors first see without scrolling.  The rest of the content in the website (other pages/below the fold) is for crediblity purposes to support the Above The Fold message.

If you have too much information … too many services then (assuming you can actually deliver these) your website needs to broken up or even more extreme (in our case) more websites created based on products/services that truly qualify as self-sustaining and possible appealing to a different target audience.

help me understAND

Make you money.  Websites backed by digital marketing and fantastic original content including video and animation.

No problem.  We create websites that deliver results and can do it with or withotu

Our definition is everything you need to “Win Online” such as Google Advertising, staying on top of the search engines and Google local section.  Ranking on Facebook and Youtube is also more and more important.

Right before Covid lock-downs EngineX created an ongoing project that allows our video staff to produce high quality small production videos from their home without the need of our Birmingham studios.

Our prices are market and business size matched.  If you’re the Singer sowing shop down the street you’ll pay less than the major credit card company for your marketing but receive the same effective quality!