Dominate Online Marketing Today Because Tomorrow The Game Changes

That’s the message you should be saying to your business partner(s), your customers (if you are website design agency), or
yourself when you are trying to get motivated. Tomorrow is coming so let’s get going!

Website Design Today

Today, for many markets it’s easy. Here’s the average market breakdown for almost all small to medium markets and many
large markets:

  • 1-3 competitors (1 smaller market, 2 medium, 3 large) that “have it all going” (see below for more information on that)
  • The rest of your competitors falling into the “going out of business” category

So about 2% of your competitors are likely to know what they are doing with website design, online marketing, social media, etc.
This means there is time to clean up your online act and start dominating the rest of the competition.

Here’s what you are competing with:

  • Have It All Going – As stated above this is a minority of your competitors who can only service a minority of the market.
    They have followed all the core basics that we cover in other blog articles throughout our website marketing series:
    • A domain that is short, sweet (flows/catchy/etc), and matches what they do – for example there is a company
      called Engineered Clean that has the domain – a beautiful name & domain match
    • A great name – if the company name is obscure, nebulas, confusing, etc … Change it. I don’t care how long you’ve
      been in business. You won’t be much longer with a lame name.
    • A domain that matches the name – ALWAYS
    • A smoking hot website that loads fast and wasn’t created by a teenager with a website wizard like WIX
    • Search Engine Optimized
    • Local presence on Bing/Google local listings/Yahoo
    • Social media presence – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, YouTube, etc
  • Going Out Of Business – Missing several (or all) of the core basics. Bye Bye

Website Marketing / Design Tomorrow

Let’s make this quick as I am still getting used to my IBM Model M keyboard clone from Unicomp and fumbling a bit on the keyboard.
Tomorrow the percent of competitors that “have it all going” will go from about 2% to 30% which, in effect, will close the market for
you unless you like scraps.

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