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Details Matter Part I

The details in your website design and SEO matter a lot. They can make the difference of being found and/or converting a visitor into a customer.  Below is a Cliff Notes version of all those pesky details you need to watch out for.

Search Engine Factors

Being found on Google is far more than how many back links you have or even your Magestic trust factor score.  The core details of your website design/infrastructure will determine if you even make it far enough to worry about the other external SEO stuff.  Here are important details to lock-down with your website:

  • Make sure the technology to create the website is solid.  Don’t go out and use a website wizard like Wix or Googles wizard or GoDaddy…etc.  Make sure the website company you pay bucks to isn’t do the easy laydown wizard thing either.  A bored teenage girl can use wizards and they suck.  Google will never find you.
  • Make sure you website loads in about 2 seconds via desktop and 2-4 via phone.  use GTXMetrix to test.  Google hates slow loading websites and so do your visitors that you want to become customers.
  • Make sure all the basics are covered with meta tags, H1 – H2 tags, etc.  Read our blogs to learn more
  • Don’t use cheap hosting or free hosting – geese!
  • Make sure you website contains consistent Name Address Phone (NAP) information that matches all your business listings
  • Follow C.O.N.V.E.R.T landing page rules – read our blogs for more

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