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Some of you may be asking what the *#!% is Genesis 7 or .. G7 .. and why should I care?  We developed The Genesis System starting with the first production release – G3 – to create a system or framework of standards and technology to allow us to crank out quality websites and SEO faster and better.

G7 allows us to create stunning high-end websites in a fraction of the time it used to take and has a major impact on how your website ranks and brings in revenue.

How It Affects YOU

We could — and probably will – write extensive articles on all the great components of the G7 system but we should always start off with what really matters.  What matters is answering the question “How does that make my business more money?”  Stick with me and I’ll give you the 30,000 foot overview.

speed baby

Faster Loading Sites

Nobody waits on a slow loading website.  Landing pages that even load within the average range still lose the interest of visitors faster than sites that are snappy and blink of the eye fast.

G7 reduces load time so much that our sites are 77% faster than the 2nd fastest developers I won’t mention by name.

sales boost by 4x or more

Increase Revenue

Your landing page will make or break you.  I can’t emphasize how much this really really is true (it’s really really really really…).

Our landing pages are tested with every major change with about 1000 website testers we contract out.  They work and they turn visitors into customers fast.


Rank In Google

Does your company get a bunch of calls and emails every month from some shady company promising that you rank in the top of Google… in 30 days?

We can promise you one thing: You will outrank your competitors with G7 system faster than you would with anyone else period.  End of Story.  Guaranteed.

Dynamic landing pages

Exact match market

The number one reason website visitors convert into customers is that the landing page answers their question.  The question is: “Is this what I’m looking for?”

Sound easy but it’s not.  You may be a supply company – for example – but when a visitor checks you out the options are overwhelming so they leave.

Our sites – using the office supply example – would change based on specific search criteria.  Visitor is looking for chemicals?  Voilla!  They see the chemical specific page.  Looking for cups?  Visitor sees the paper products page.


schedule call

If you’re not seeing the results and the success you deserve in your business despite blood sweat and tears then it’s time to talk to an Internet marketing expert. 

Your Plan

During your call, share your vision with our experts. Before the call is over you’ll have the outline to a plan that will lead you the success your business deserves.


Let G7 Technology deliver results, more traffic to your business and a better return for your marketing investment. Win Online with G7 Technology and EngineX Design.