Abracadabra . . . PooF ! yOU'RE STILL NOT RANKING!

Your on a mission.  You are ready to dominate Google Ads, FB Ads, Google local places and organic rankings.  Your business needs to get this going and showing results in a few months to stay competitive and regain market you have lost.

Close your doors.

It's Not Going To Happen

Not overnight.  Not in three months either.  All the reasons would defeat the purpose of me writing these short digital marketing blogs that I use to increase my own organic rankings.  I’m only going for about 400 words here!  Many people .. most .. buy the BS peddled by our overseas competitors that operate in boiler rooms and make about 10,000 calls a day and send an equal amount of spam emails out.  Get ranked #1 on Google!  Get on the first page of Google!  I looked  at your website and found something that would rank you … etc

The fastest way to bring in business will cost you per click and, ultimately, give you a greater early ROI than paying a company like us to boost you organically. The cost to be “found” in your local market (for example) can range from as low as $2,000 and as high as $25,000 and take months to years to bear fruit.  A well managed Google Ad campaign that is tied to an optimized landing page or pages and a great form can produce results quickly … once it’s setup which will still take months for all components to be put together correctly unless you want to lose your ass on paying for clicks that go nowhere.

Be Realistic & Be Patient

Don’t rush into anything when it comes to digital marketing.  Consider pay per click first but – please – don’t try and do this yourself or hire some clown without considerable credentials (including Google Partner creds). Understand that even to get a successful PPC (pay per click) campaign going it will take a few months and a few thousand – or more – in change.  Can’t do this and your business is really hurting because you are behind the curve?  Close your doors.  Sorry.  I’m no writing this to make you feel better.  Remember, it helps my search engine rankings ;).

As far as organic and Google local it takes time.  Getting setup with Google local isn’t rocket science and you don’t necessarily have to hire us but you will need to hire us sometime to get your Google local rankings to pop and show up on the first page.  Once again this takes time and money.  So my point is not to discourage you but just to give you a wake up call and a basic plan:  Consider PPC first along with Google local setup and help with getting it ranked.  If you can afford SEO management go for it but expect that to take a while to pay off.  Summary:

Pay Per Click Ads (PPC) – 3 months, 2k + to get rolling

Google Local – Easy to setup – 6-12 months to see rankings – about $500 to get ranking help

Organic Rankings – 1-2 years to see results (give or take) and between 2k-25k to accomplish this.  Don’t hold your breath.

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