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Q1 Google Search Engine Algorithm Update

Find out how Google’s latest changes to it’s search engine algorithm affects your website’s online rankings.  EngineX is the leading digital marketing agency for Google Marketing!

March 2019 Google Core Update Confirmed

Even though Google, on average, makes about 4-6 core updates to it’s ranking algorithm per year it usually confirms about 3 of them.  The March Core Update was confirmed by Google in late April.  Here are some highlights from this update:

  • Average word counts for high ranking articles – about 1500 – remained unaffected
  • Over optimized SEO – as in too many keywords stuffed into a page is having a more negative effect on rankings now.  Don’t overuse keywords for example:  Don’t say “Our accounting service accounts will find your errors…” instead say “Our accountants will find your errors…”  Or like in good fiction writing: Instead of: “Johnny was cold…”  use “Johnny shivered as he …”
  • Excessive pop us are a “no no.”  Don’t spam visitors with pop ups and avoid the temptation to even pop up a newsletter signup box as they leave your site.  You’ll get punished.
  • Low Quality Content – As I’ve always said content is the future as in great content.  Don’t hire some $1 an article clown to turn your site into a circus.  Google doesn’t like circuses and your rankings will drop.
  • Consistency rewarded – Be consistent when publishing new content such as blogs/etc.  Google won’t reward you for dumping a bunch of blogs or new content every so often but your rankings will ultimately improve if you are consistent – monthly / weekly / daily – doesn’t matter – just be consistent.  Don’t expect to see a positive impact until you’ve showed consistency for about 12 months.

Some Factors Don't Change

The more content remains what you need to focus on.  Content quality in the following areas:

  • How your site is worded – does it make it easy for the visitor to understand what you are about and find what they are looking for or does it repeat the same keywords over and over like a robot?
  • Do you have a blog that is updated consistently?  Is it written by you, a professional writer such as what we provide or are you paying someone a dollar an article to tank your site?
  • Do you have quality pics that further help your site visitors understand the message you are trying to get across?
  • Have your considered creating spokesperson videos (not generic template videos – avoid them)?
  • Is your site created by a 14 year old using WIX?  Hope not because you might as well start over.

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