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Google Algorithm Update From June

Find out how Google’s early June 2019 search engine algorithm update has affected rankings after the dust has finally cleared.

Google's 1984 Is Here

In 1984 Apple Computer released a commercial for the Macintosh depicting IBM as Big Brother.  Unfortunately there is no Macintosh, Dell, or viable challenger to Google’s version of the how search engines deliver results to your screen.

In fact there is no “open standard” as to how search engines should behave and how you can create a website to follow these standards and prosper or fail based on neutral rules that can be understood.  There’s just Google.  Sorry Yahoo, Bing, and whatever else is there – you don’t really count anymore to businesses that need revenue and visitors.  It’s Google’s world.

So this is how future Google Algorithm Updates May Have – – Google says: Now all websites must contain a paragraph at the end/footer that is written backwards.  This is now called the meta-mirror and without it your ranking will drop.  It allows anybody who is reading your website with a mirror to … never mind…  you get the idea.

The June Algorithm Change Complete Report

After test driving the change a while we can finally give you a little bit more information than our initial impressions blog from a few weeks go.

Just a month ago or so I was jumping up and down at some search engine ranking shake-ups from the latest Google induced shotgun dance.  After Google fired at our feet a while and the dust finally cleared and dancing was done we found that:

  • We had no customers that ultimately lost rankings
  • 67% of our customers moved up in rankings
  • 1 customer was accidentally banned by Google then, after 27 emails and several phone calls they magically where re-instated by Google without a word confirming it
  • Sites that had the clearest content about what they do and presented information that visitors generally searched for (about their business and/or topics) for the most part saw the biggest increases in rankings

To summarize the June Algorithm Change it was more about how relevant a websites content is to what the web searchers are looking for.  While this falls along with my emphasis to have great content on your website including your landing page(s) there is an added factor to consider: 

  • Make every sentence and paragraph count on your pages do not go off on a tangent (like I do with my blogs)
  • Get to the point and do not fluff up your website with filler that visitors don’t want. 
  • Padding your word count with crap or talking in nonsensical language that re-uses keywords over and over will drop your rankings.

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