The EngineX Promise 2019

While most of our Vlogs & Blogs aren’t blatant advertisements it’s a good idea to take a few lines of Arial font and compressed video on occasion to remind our audience what we are all about……………………….. WINNING ONLINE

EngineX started in 1991 as “EduTech.”  EduTech was an IT support and training company that eventually sold creating spinoffs Lan Mind & Executrain during the heyday of computer training.


What's Your Digital Marketing Company About?

That’s the question you should get the answer to before you select your first or next Digital Marketing company.  They can’t answer it but you can.  Ask yourself these questions and add it up:

  • Did they just start yesterday?
  • Do they talk about driving in visitors online and converting them into customers or is it more nebulous or focused too much around how cool you website and/or Ads can be…?
  • Do they address your specific business?
  • Do you actually like their website and branding for their business?
  • Do they have any videos from real people that work for them or just some glorified slide shows?

It’s important that no matter how good of a conversation you have with a salesperson that calls you to evaluate the actual company.  Look at how they brand and market their company.  Their website better be great since this is a big part of what they do.

Our Promise

Never fall for a guaranteed ranking position or revenue projection.  We don’t make them.  We don’t even guarantee exact time frames on how long our Win Online process will take but we do promise that everything we do and will do is for one goal: To help your business or organization Win Online.

What We Bring To The Table

Usually it’s “jack of all trades master of none…” In the Digital Marketing World this has changed.  Digital Marketing Companies that have T  O  T   A   L control are the ones that deliver the best results.  We answer to none and do not partner or subcontract to deliver results to clients.  We Are:

  • Website Design
  • Website Hosting
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Google/Facebook advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Copywriting
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Production
    • Spokesperson
    • Animation
    • Presentation
    • Advertising
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Winning Online With Our President Jim Ellis