20/20 Video Vision

We say “digital marketing” to include everything including PPC (pay per click) advertising) and Facebook or social media advertising along with various other things like YouTube. Video and Animation are starting to separate their-selves from the fray into a “media marketing.”

It's S H O W T I M E

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Media marketing is nothing more than video and animation used to sell stuff and/or get your point across in in animation and video or educate…etc…etc…  Why are are we talking about this in the first place?  Because it’s where we are going.  We’ve found that video – credible, engaging, and relevant video increases results from website visitors by about… 300% or more.

 I tried YouTube advertising but…  You probably either tried YouTube when it wasn’t relevant for video marketing or…:
  • It was a slide-show style video … Power point like which is lame and boring
  • Had horrible generic … creepy stock photos or video.  Stock is a joke – don’t be at the wrong end of the joke
  • It was passive and used nebulous or boring words like “we help your business increase revenue…” vs “we make you money”
  • The video was terrible
  • The animation was generic like the 1000 “explainer” videos / animations that all look the same
  • You hired clowns
  • You did it yourself

The list could go on and on but the bottom line is the future of your business depends on growing into media marketing with both advertising in general and juicing up your website.

2020 Is Almost Here And I'm...

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Get Serious About Video

While there are many segments to “media marketing” one of the hottest and most useful is quality spokersperson video.  Having a great spokesperson that fits with your business personality / culture is your meat and potatoes and improves your cred by miles.

Even better… Let us video you – the owner or manager of your business.  Even more credible and we can make you look good – trust me if I can stand in front of a camera … you can.

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