Simple Powerful Small Business Websites

The evolution of websites and digital marketing continues for EngineX and Saturn 9 Design.  It seems like just yesterday our focus and market was high-end website design.  That’s changed on all levels from Small Business, Medical, all the way to large scale corporate sites.

EngineX is evolving into a digital marketing company that can deliver something very very few companies can…  Video & Animation that is the latest trend in digital marketing.

In this VLOG find out how your small business can benefit.


Simple & Small Is Powerful

When I first use the terms “simple” and “small” I cringed and laughed holding up two little fingers and making a funny squeaky mouse like sound.  Seriously though simple and small is serious marketing at work.   Read on.

The 50 Megaton Landing Page

Relatively speaking a 1 megaton nuclear warhead is pretty small if you keep up on that sort of thing.  However it packs enough punch to flatten everything around it for miles.  That’s what our landing pages do.  Simple – small – and powerful.

The website visitor doesn’t miss “the message” of what the site is about and why they should take action or care.  Using animation and advanced video techniques they connect with the message you want to get across and are engaged.

Genesis 7 (G7) Delivers

Our G7 system for small business is more than a powerful website:

  • We get you found on the internet
  • Prospect Management system built in
  • Rich video for YouTube

With G7 you win online several ways including Google Search and your website visitors turning into customers.

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Winning Online With Our President Jim Ellis