Online Marketing That Counts Part I

There’s a million self-serving ways to write a BLOG/VLOG on what to look for in a company for your Digital Marketing.  My favorite to write was “Make sure your digital marketing company has a big “X” in the logo…”  But some thought I was up to something..?

The reality is it’s not the companies claims, 15,000 years of combined experience or guarantees that you should go by.  In fact avoid guarantees all together because companies that do this usually get sued out of business or go to prison depending on what level of revenue they are promising.

Instead… Focus on what is important in 2020 for marketing your business.  Since I’m busy and find myself as the owner the main writer (my nerds, actors, models, and designers detest content writing so It’s me and Susan mainly on this stuff) I’m going to split it up into multiple parts – here goes part I…

10,000 Foot Overview - The Main List

FORWARD - Mr. Fuzzy, The Babysitter, and Miss Hiss

Before I get into “The List” I would like to issue a warning or as we used to say some FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt):  Don’t have your websites created by the babysitter, church lady, or the nerd that works on your hard drive and don’t let Mr. Fuzzy produce videos that represent your business – ever…  Anyway watch some of our videos for more on this… 🙂

Jack Of All Trades... Master of None? Not In 2020

If I was to be approached just 3 years ago and asked if you need to go with a company that can do the following vs one that specializes in … say “websites” or “animation” I would say don’t touch the “jack of all trades” company because their owner is either mentally ill or was drunk when the mission statement was written.

That’s changed a whole lot as it’s impossible – IMPOSSIBLE to get quality marketing from niche players as they:

  • Work their own agenda – “all you need is a great website – forget the video and spend all your money on us”
  • Can’t work together – “The SEO guy isn’t doing what he should – ” the website guy screwed up the H1 and meta tags which is why your SEO is not working…” etc …
  • Weak.  Very weak.  It’s weak in marketing in 2020 to not be able to handle all aspects because they are all becoming equally important

About "The List"

The list of what it takes to deliver the results a business or institution of any size has grown so much we have been splitting into separate divisions (but under the same roof and account manager so it’s transparent to you) to market them.  That’s why EngineX Digital will no have a separate website from EngineX Design… etc

Keep in mind that you don’t need or want to commit or invest in all of these areas at once … or even 1/3 of them.  This is a process and I’ll make the list in general order of – not importance – but logical steps (although many can be parallel as well.

The List

Usually it’s “jack of all trades master of none…” In the Digital Marketing World this has changed.  Digital Marketing Companies that have T  O  T   A   L control are the ones that deliver the best results.  We answer to none and do not partner or subcontract to deliver results to clients.  We Are:

  • Hot Website – Comon… the babysitter down the street can do an average website with WIX so you need a killer website that:
    • ranks in Google
    • loads lightning fast
    • Converts prospects into customers
    • Delivers relevant and useful content to it’s audience
    • Is not a hallow sales only site with “token content”
  • Website Hosting – Total control is what you want your marketing company to have.  They can’t host?  Move on – they haven’t invested then
  • Great Video & Animation YouTube Ads – YouTube is relevant now – NOW.  YouTube Ads cost less and deliver results when the video is relevant and keeps the right audiences attention.  Don’t even consider crappy “fuzzy” video that looks like it was done with your family camera – check out our videos for more.

The rest of the list coming in Part II….

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