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The 4th Dimension

EngineX, started out in IT support and training in 1991 as a Novell support and training center – training hundreds of CNE’s and supporting Novell 2.x 3.x & 4.x networks has evolved.  We also where a Sun Solaris and HP UX training center but if I go down that road I’ll be typing all night on what we did.  Now we support Linux, OS X, and training people to be certified in Red Hat Linux and Mac’s Unix/Linux flavor – OS X.  1st DIMENSION

As the market changed more focus at EngineX was put on Websites, client application hosting, and developing a multimedia presence in animation and video. 2nd DIMENSION

Of course Digital Marketing fit in as we became masters at putting customers on top of the search engines with right way – quality content that keeps them on top instead of getting penalized later by Google.  3rd DIMENSION

Now it’s time to add a 4th dimension to X – YouTube training via our Digital Marketing YouTube channel which has over 1300 subscribers and is growing.  Right now it’s mostly motivational and humor oriented Adverts as they say in Ireland but we are getting ready to start releasing content that gives back all of our great experience by teaching what only we can teach – how to Win Online.

The Video Anywhere Project


2018 - 2021

Fast Video Production Ads Training VLOGS Editorial All Remotely

The VIDEO ANYWHERE project started in 2018 was a project to create video outside of our Birmingham studios.  Allowing small to medium scale production (ideally) to be produced in our employees homes – a dedicated 12×12 room (min) along with equipment we provided.  Ironically we started the project before COVID-19 hit.

My initial idea was to spend as little as possible as I thought we could cheaply create YouTube videos – quality videos – with crappy chinese cameras and lousy lighting with mediocore sound.  Also I asked our real video producers to not be involved (we make VISA/MASTERCARD commercials and other big time stuff in Birmingham Alabama.

Well I had a lot to learn and what started out as a 50k project wound up costing about 250k spread out to 4 remote employees.  Here’s a brief Evolution bit on before – after with some detail:

Video Anywhere 1.0

Initially I started as the guinea pig with a crappy Chinese camera (by the way cheap 4k cameras are not really 4k) – a lousy shotgun mic – some cheap lights that strobed under video and confidence that only delusion could give.

Here’s an example of the results of my know-it-all production quality:

This was done with a $150 4k camera (not really 4k) and about $150 worth of lights and sound equipment in front of a poorly lit green screen.

Video Anywhere 2021

After taking abuse from my video people and no broadcast quality videos I replaced all the equipment for myself and designated remote video employees with a Sony FX6 (now a Sony Alpha 1 capable of 8k), Senheiser audio equipment, and 5k of lights – oh yeah – 10k computer with a 60″ 8k screen – price tag about 50k per employee.

This is one of the later videos I’ve done  (we have hundreds created by the 4 remote video employees) so this is shot with a Sony Alpha 1 camera vs the Sony FX6.  The Alpha 1 with base lenses is about 10k alone.


We have several YouTube channels and they are similar to EngineX is as of September of 2021 – mostly Advertisements and/or experimental videos that are hidden (but accidentally become public at times – whoops).


Play Video about youtube marketing

There is little – what we consider – quality content.  That’s changing with this channel becoming the first content rich channel focusing on training / teaching what we know in organized videos that range from 5 to 20 minutes long.

Jim Ellis - Tech'd Up Since 1981

FOUNDER - Senior Partner

Since he was 11 years old Jim Ellis, founder and guy who runs things … still… at EngineX has been in the thick of high-end technology.

Over 1,000 IT departments built later we thought it was so much fun we’d advertise it again.  He even shows up in our videos but – please – don’t judge him by his performance on screen!

Olivia Voss - Tech'd Up Since 1992


Olivia Voss is our next generation poster child.  She cut her teeth in JavaScript and has expanded as our top spokesperson and animator – in charge of our large scale video productions that involve animation.  Add the fact that she leads our Oracle and Microsoft SQL Team then you can figure out why she’s a Partner in EngineX.

Clients include the likes of VISA International along with several European conglomerates that count on us for seriously deep resources.

Jennifer Gordon - Tech'd Up Since 1999


Jennifer Gordon, like Olivia, is multi-talented having one foot in YouTube video production and the other in Information Technology – specifically IT Statement of Direction and mid to long-term plans for Medical Clinics and Hospitals.

She has many clients in Health Care that she has helped leverage technology to improve patient care and profit margins including the University of Alabama Birmingham.

Tech'd Up Since 1980

Chris MacMillan doesn’t like pictures and avoids being seen in corny videos but he makes up for it with having literally worked through every viable trend this industry has seen.

Chris loves it when a fail-over system instantly switches users to a synced backup database, application, server, or even an entire “ghost” network.  He never fails – he just fails over.

Tech'd Up Since 1990

Christy Voss can handle anything with the word “code” or “script” in it.  Javascript?  SQL database stored procedures?  Linux platform Android apps?  Ancient assembly code?  She’s got it covered!

Christy handles the custom code team that gives your websites and applications that extra “pop” since they don’t come from the same template wizard the babysitter your friend hired for his, now closed, business website.


Over 1122+ it projects delivered



YouTube Advertising

To celebrate our 29 years as the Alpha of the IT industry we are bringing back our Tech’d up program where we help support and, if requested, help elevate your IT Department to levels that will also elevate every department you support/service.

WARNING High Voltage Brain Power

leverage the power of "we"

From running virtual Windows servers on OS/X to standard Windows server administration and security our team can deliver the results you need – support and/or implementation.

Need to build a true fail-over “bulletproof” IT department that can handle hackers, acts of God, and anything thrown at it while serving users without a hiccup?

Need support blocks for remote support to fill in the gaps with high-end engineering?

Give us a call or email us and we’ll talk more about it and how we can fit in with your IT departments needs and long term planning.

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