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More Patients Find Your Medical Clinic

Find out how EngineX can help more people searching online for medical help find your medical care clinic and become patients.

For over 10 years in my career I worked for a group of hospitals and helped clinics tie into our hospital IT system and leverage technology that met the needs of practices of all sizes.

Your practice is a higher calling with the goal of helping those who need medical help find you and deliver great patient care.  Our G7 Online Patient System can help you bring in the patients and manage them from intake to billing.


Genesis 7 Technology - Sounds Techy But It's About Results

Genesis 7, or G7 started out as G3 (G1 & G2 where testing only) and has had the goal – for all client needs – to:

  • Bundle in search engine optimization with every new website automatically
  • Make website loading times the fastest in the industry
  • Follow all “big time” marketing trends that convert visitors into customers / patients / clients / etc
  • Have a stable “framework” for our developers to produce consistent winning websites following our standard

  With G7 Medical we’ve raised the bar a bit and focused on Medical Clinics of all sizes:

  • Same consistent high-end standards as all G7 sites
  • Optional medical management system built into websites allowing patients to be managed from intake to billing to quality control
  • Websites that deliver what people with medical needs are looking for the moment your site loads on their desktop or mobile device
  • Websites that are designed via advanced search engine optimization to be found by people who need medical help so they can become your patients

Our G7 Online Medical System stays ahead of the trends and helps future proof your clinic allowing you to expand now and tomorrow.  G7 is modular so you can start in phases if desired – for example taking advantage of the digital marketing side and adding – if desired – our patient management system down the road.

Our Promise

Never fall for a guaranteed ranking position or revenue projection.  We don’t make them.  We don’t even guarantee exact time frames on how long our Win Online process will take but we do promise that everything we do and will do is for one goal: To help your medical clinic / practice Win Online.

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