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Big Brother Google Series

Put the violin away. google Doesn't care. Part II

It’s 1984 Except Big Brother Is Google Not IBM

In 1984 Apple Computer rolled out the Macintosh, the lower cost successor to the Lisa that would make graphical interfaces mainstream and break the IBM / DOS mold.  To kick it off Apple released a commercial for the Macintosh depicting IBM as Big Brother in a “1984” Orwellian commercial with a female athlete tossing a sledge hammer into the droning leader on a movie screen.  Unfortunately there is no silver bullet to Google’s monopoly on information and search engines.

There is no “open standard” as to how search engines fairly rank websites and serve information back from search queries. There are no rules or standards, just Google.  Other search engines are no longer relevant and Google changes it’s mind almost daily on what the rules are keeping the SEO industry in chaos.

Google LOVES Click Fraud

Wow!  My opinion is pretty shocking considering it’s coming from a digital marketing company.  Everything Google does or doesn’t do points to the fact they are dependent on click-fraud as a revenue source.
Here is the evidence that Google has no intention of shutting down a major revenue source:

  • Google’s click fraud algorithm does zero – nothing.  It’s made up actually.
  • Google prevents Ad users and third party click fraud protection programs from blocking devices.  Blocking devices is the only sure way to stop click fraud as IPs change constantly as mobile users move location to location.
  • Google doesn’t actually look at click fraud claims and server logs sent to them.  They just deny refunds to click fraud claims like a bad insurance company.
  • I literally had a conversation with a Google rep that told me after I complained about a competitor engaged in click fraud – “There’s nothing stopping you from clicking on their ad…”

Google A Co-conspirator In Wire Fraud

By preventing Ad customers and third party click fraud protection utilities from blocking at the device level Google knows that click fraud will continue and enrich them.  As a co-conspirator with every click-fraud violator in fraud. Google benefits tremendously to the tune of .. my guess .. about a 50% increase in Ad revenue.  The benefit and knowledge this is going combined with the fact that Google COULD ACTUALLY STOP CLICK FRAUD but doesn’t is enough evidence.