Digital Marketing

The 4th Dimension of X

1991 Hardcore IT 1999 Website Design 2017 Digital Marketing 2021 YouTube Educational Channel The 4th Dimension EngineX, started out in IT support and training in 1991 as a Novell support and training center – training hundreds of CNE’s and supporting Novell 2.x 3.x & 4.x networks has evolved.  We also where a Sun Solaris and

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Evolution 2021

2021 EngineX Evolution Changes Three Websites: FOCUS By Industry: TARGET More VLOGS: CRED Give them what they want Why did your visitor click on your website? Price? Booking? Tips? Events? You better give them what they want and make it immediately visible or they are going elsewhere. 1 of 4 « Previous Next » CALL

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Win Online 2021

Win Online 2021 Lessons Learned VIDEO (quality) MATTERS Fortunately for me I haven’t had to rely on myself as video talent or even a producer.  Olivia and her crew have handled our demanding customers such as VISA and other major companies.   Well, I did an experiment not long ago and here’s what we’ve learned. Video

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Digital Marketing Series

DIGITAL MARKETING SERIES: WEBSITES PART 1 Our Digital Marketing Series covers all the core components that will make or break your business starting with Websites in this BLOG. WEBSITES are business That “dope website” from WIX won’t keep your doors open PART I: CALL TO ACTION The call to action is the most important part

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